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Gig at the Comedy @ Leicester Square 7 June 2013 8pm
Gig at the Workshop in London 10 August 2013 8pm

Valentina’s next gig is on 13 February 2013 8pm @
THE COMEDY, 7 Oxendon Street, London, SW1Y 4EE (off Coventry St.) (tubes -Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Sq.) (venue is next door to The Comedy Store; Oxendon St. is by the Beatles musical “Let It Be”)

Valentina welcomes you to her gigs in 2013!

7th January 2013 Dead or Alive presents Valentina Keys and guests at the Old Queens Head Pub 7.30-8.00pm. Address: Essex Road, Islington, London (tickets £5 on the door)

16th March 2013 Symptomatic Promotions Ltd presents Valentina Keys and guests at the AAA @ Archangel in 11-14 Kensington High Street London W8 5NP (tickets at £6 go on sale soon!) 9pm start

“Believe” by Valentina Keys

Believe that you will make it through
I know for sure you will
Keep dreaming those dreams you do
Keep feeling what you feel

Believe that we are what we think
Select your memories
Don’t dwell on things that could have been
Forget your enemies

Believe that heaven is on earth
And everything’s in synch
Remember that the wine you serve
You also have to drink

Believe that when the tiger bites
He’ll hurt himself not you
And when the knife goes in too deep
You’ll manage to pull through

Believe that when the doctor calls
He’ll tell you the good news
Believe when people tell a lie
You’ll learn the bitter truth

Believe that all the tears you cried
Were water to your soul
That every time you turned the cheek
You rose, you didn’t fall

Believe that when it’s time to go
You won’t have lived in vain
If you give more than what you take
Your loss will be your gain

Believe that when somebody leaves
And throws you to the night
You have to let the wrong ones go
To make room for the right

Believe that only love is real
Because we live to love
Remember that the things you do
Are watched by God above

Believe in waiting for what’s real
Stay true to who you are
Why settle for the mountain peaks
When you can touch the stars

If you have loved if you forgave
And fought for what is true
Believe that when the time is right
It’ll all come back to you

It’s not the money that you made
It’s not the things you lost
When others smile because of you
That comes without a cost

Believe that when the illness strikes
That there will be a cure
That when your demons trick your heart
To kill the good in you -
You will withstand
With faith in hand
And you will win.

Music and lyrics by Valentina Keys. All rights reserved. October 2012.


Valentina welcomes you to her November gigs. Valentina will be performing her original songs from her debut album “Love Is..” and her upcoming second album. Valentina will be accompanied by Dino on the drums (cajon) on the 7th November and the 14th November 2012.

7 November – @ the Troubadour in Earls Court London, 8pm

14 November – @ the Luxe in Spitafields, London, 8pm

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 20:00 until 22:00


I will be returning to perform at the Troubadour again this month and would love it if you would join me. I will be singing some original acoustic tracks from my album “Love Is..” and a couple of new tracks.
It’s a school night, I know, but I am on stage at 8.30pm and guarantee you’ll be in bed by 10pm (if you really want to be:-)!

Thank you all for your continued support!

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Valentina Keys was born in a great city on the sea, and her life has been connected to the sea and somehow resembles the sea…
Valentina says that she feels the urge to write a song about it and to share her experience. Valentina believes that music is
Valentina’s musical journey began at the age of 6: she studied piano, voice and composition at a special music school which inspired her to love and appreciate music for life.. And her desire to give back something to the world – hope, faith, love, melodies and rhythms – has always been immense… Whenever something or someone moves her and pushes her outside her comfort zone,
Her songs seem to echo a lifelong search, a never-tiring desire to define the undefinable boundaries of love; they seem to be about feeling like a foreigner in a relationship; about people being lost despite the google map app on the iPhone; about people wanting to be found or, better, finding the way out themselves, finding the solution, the revelation, the answer…